A$AP Ferg Discusses New Traplord Uniform Collection With Complex

May 17, 2017

ASAP Ferg Discusses New Traplord Collaboration with Complex

A$AP Ferg released a Traplord  collaboration with Uniform, a socially conscious line that is helping kids who are in need.  For every product from the line sold, a child in need is given a uniform.  Before A$AP Ferg joined Uniform for this project he traveled to Liberia with family and close friends to the Uniform factories to see the women making the uniforms and the kids that will be wearing the uniforms.  A$AP Ferg did a more detailed interview with Vogue on his experience in Liberia.  The Traplord x Uniform collection is clothing for all ages, it's something that you can wear when you are hanging out or going to an interview.

From a young age, A$AP Ferg knew he was interested in fashion, he reminisces on the times when he was younger and would watch fashion shows for hours and none of his friends were interested in it like he was.  From a young age he always taught about breaking into the fashion industry and creating his own line, but he felt as if it was almost impossible because he did not have a strong enough platform.  That's where rap came in, rap gave A$AP Ferg the platform that he felt he always needed to break into fashion and create the Traplord line.

A$AP Ferg also discussed the meaning of Traplord and how his upbringing was a key part of his role in fashion today.  “The word trap comes from the hustle what your grind is what you hustling at the time”.  Traplord was a name given him to him by the late A$AP Yams because of the way he dominated everything he got into.  A$AP Ferg also states how his family was always supportive and backed him up in everything he wanted to do.  He started his clothing line with 35 dollars and support from his family and now it’s a million dollar line.  Fashion runs in his blood, A$AP Ferg’s late father had influences in both  music and fashion.  Donald Ferguson Sr. made the Bad Boy and the Uptown Cast logo and was of the only black guys doing major printing for t-shirts during a time when the major silk screening companies were dominated by other races.

A$AP Ferg is grateful for the forefathers and foremothers for breaking down barriers because they made it possible for him and other like him to do what he is doing with fashion right now.  Being able to go to a Dior fashion show in Paris and eating dinner with the owner of Dior.  “We came a long way but we got even longer ways to go”.

The exclusive men’s line for Traplord x Uniform is available both at Bloomingdales and in-store.  The men’s and women’s line will be available at Traplord and Shopuniform later in the summer.

Check out the full interview below