ASAP Ferg Auctions ASAP Yams Painting at Foundation Gala and Art Auction

March 21, 2017

ASAP Foundation Gala and Art Auction

ASAP Yams legacy and admiration continues this weekend during a gala and art auction by the Always Strive and Prosper Foundation. This Saturday, March 25th, the ASAP Foundation will be auctioning the Yams painting done by ASAP Ferg. The painting was originally done for Miami Art Basel and was part of Ferg's collaboration with Adidas.

ASAP Ferg auctions off ASAP Yams Painting at the ASAP Foundation art gala

The Always Strive and Prosper Foundation, in conjunction with the Department of Psychology at Columbia University, cordially invites you to attend its first Steven "A$AP Yams" Rodgriuez Commemorative Gala & Art Auction with esteemed author and doctor of science, Dr. Carl Hart.
In the last year Dr. Hart has helped to refinethe mission of the ASAP Foundation to best represent the legacy of Steven "A$AP Yams" Rodriguez by promoting realistic education and awareness regarding substance use and abuse. 
The ultimate goal is to keep young people safe and knowledgeable by providing them with the best available information without judgement or morality. 
The Foundation is dedicated to disseminating useful information to alert the general public--especially youth--to the dangers of irresponsible use. Overall, we aim to create an honest dialogue with the youth that avoids propaganda and places more focus on providing facts and relevant information. Proceeds from the event will go towards social media awareness campaigns, middle and high school seminars with recording and multi-media artists and professionals, as well as alternative arts programs focused on honing talents and discovery excursion in New York City. 
Our event will honor several of our biggest supporters in this formative last year in a brief Awards Ceremony and will continue with an exciting Art Auction made possible by the generosity of several artists, including Steven's good friend, colleague and successful recording artist, A$AP Ferg.
The event will take place at The Italian Academy of Columbia University located at 1161 Amsterdam Avenue NYC 10027. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit