ASAP Ferg Featured In Trasher Magazine

March 10, 2017

ASAP Ferg Trasher Magazine Interview

In the latest issue of Trasher Magazine, ASAP Ferg discusses his 2016 Sophomore album Always Strive and Prosper , the fun of mosh pitting at his concerts, and his forthcoming project Still Striving which he has been teasing on his Instagram. 

Check out some moments from the Interview below.

Always Strive and Prosper opens up with “Rebirth.” Is this album a rebirth? 
Yeah, I feel like the album is a rebirth. New sounds and a more developed me. More progressive, like a baptism. That was the whole theme of it.

What was your thought process going into this project?
The thought process was basically let my fans know where I was mentally at that state. Basically showing them my growth, telling them the story of my trials and tribulations and how I wound up where I am today. So I’m speaking a lot about old stories and family and letting them know my background. It’s really like a bio. of my life, an open diary.

What makes you strive and prosper?
A number of things. My family, one. You know, trying to create more opportunity for my family and my friends. Trying to do ground breaking things, create art. Making my name larger than life and having it live after I’m dead. That’s what makes me keep going.

What was your favorite collaboration on the album? Who were you most stoked to work with?
One of my favorites to work with is probably DJ Khalil. He’s a producer. He did monumental things of everybody. He’s one of those legendary guys. My first time ever jamming was with him. He brought in a lot of different musicians and we built songs from scratch. Made sounds and beats and sampled ourselves from scratch. That was the most fun process I would have to say.


ASAP Ferg Trasher Magazine Interview



What’s next for you? How do you follow up Always Strive and Prosper?
I’m going to do a continuation mixtape called Still Striving which is practically done. I’m just mixing the stuff 
now. There’s going to be a lot of turn up tracks on there, some fire songs. I’m going to drop that then I’m going to do another album.

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