ASAP Ferg Talks Plans For Traplord Clothing With Billboard

February 08, 2017

ASAP Ferg Traplord clothing
In an exclusive interview with Billboard, ASAP Ferg discusses plans for Traplord.

Fresh from Paris fashion week with ASAP Rocky, the designer and artist has been at work designing collections and for a spew of collaborations coming this year, while at work on new music. In the recent interview, Ferg discusses Paris fashion week, new music he is recording with Rocky, including a new project on the way, and designing for Traplord clothing. 
ASAP Ferg Traplord hoodie 
Designing the Traplord collection:
[Trap Lord is] going to do a lot of collaborations. I’ve been going and sitting in a lot of meetings with brands that I grew up loving. I think that people are really going to appreciate it. There will be pieces that are one of a kind. There will be a lot of affordable pieces. A lot of people love the brand. Anybody can become a trap lord. A suburbia kid can, wherever you’re from, if you feel the way I feel. 


Working on new music:

They need the energy we first brought as the A$AP Mob when kicked down the door. That’s what we’re back on now. Rocky and I have been in the studio for weeks. We’ve been building on the Cozy Tapes. I’ve been working on my music and his music. Cozy Tapes 2 is looking real promising. We want to hit people over the head with it again and let them know we’re not playing. I’ve got a whole project that’s ready and about to get mixed. At any moment, I can drop that. 


Attending Paris Fashion week:

ASAP Ferg Dior Paris Fashion Weel
It was amazing, man. It was really like “Nig*as in Paris.” We were the only black guys at the Dior dinner. We were with [chief executive] Sidney [Toledano] and a couple of the models who are the faces of Dior. 
We were just turning up. We went to the Dior masquerade party. I got fitted for a Dior tuxedo. I put on a Dior mask. We walked in there and they had fortune tellers and the best models in the world. We saw a couple of homies there, like Kendall [Jenner] and Bella [Hadid]. We chopped it up with them. We saw some actors and actresses we know. It was a really dope experience. That’s living for me. When you’re able to break these boundaries and farther than what you would have imagined. 

2016 was a prosperous year for the brand but this is the year of the "Glow". Stay tuned!

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