ASAP Ferg x Agolde Featured on Nordstorm

October 17, 2016

ASAP Ferg's denim collection with Agolde has been highly regarded this past year, so what does the Traplord have to say about the collection? In an interview with Nordstrom RE: Maker, ASAP Ferg speaks on the inspiration behind his designs, how he got into fashion, and how Harlem has inspired him. Check out excerpts from the interview and read the full interview below.

We're selling your AGOLDE jeans. How did you approach that design process?

The initial thought was to keep it authentic, to keep it me. I used to love this pair of jeans that I wore all the time. And you know when you have that one pair of jeans, and they get rips in them over time, and you patch them up, and it gets a life of its own? I wanted to replicate those jeans for everyone else to wear. AGOLDE, their factory is so good at giving people the authentic look. A lot of people can't achieve that look dealing with denim. I brought in my original jeans that I wore forever and we made them in different colors: black, grey, blue and darker blue. The jeans we were working from, I wore those in the "Work" video, which blew me up. I remember my fans saying, "Ferg has money now. Why's he wearing the same jeans all the time?" But I loved them and now I re-created those jeans for everyone to wear.

You were involved in fashion before rapping right? Or was it around the same time?

It happened around the same time. I don't want to take anything away from the music. It just happened to be that I come from an artsy family. My father was into designing, and he had a clothing store called Ferg Apparel. That's where I get my logo from, my father's a graphic designer. He did silkscreening and taught me how to silkscreen. While I did those things, I was always rapping. Going to different neighborhoods and battling kids, writing music.
Check out the full interview here.